NFT-powered marketplace for beneficial travel bookings

Transforming travel bookings bringing benefits to everyone involved, through the application of Web3 technologies

People have been traveling since the beginning of time

Goals, distances, and technologies may have changed, but people always seek the best. Today, the hospitality industry boasts hundreds of thousands of facilities worldwide.
At GuestChain we believe it's time to redefine standards, offering greater comfort, flexibility and benefit to all involved

How does the booking process look like now?

Owner’s offer

The owner forms an offer that includes an already fixed set of services (accommodation, food, service) and fixed dates of stay

price for Traveler with fee

fixed dates

Travelers can pick a location of interest, select specific dates, and pay the fee, bearing in mind the high commission

owner receive money after guest’s check in

on check-in
up to 1 year

Owners use the largest marketplaces with high commissions and receive funds only at the time of the guest's check-in

GuestChain innovative travel booking approach

the Owner’s offer as NFT for up to 5 years

The owner issues an NFT booking certificate on the GuestChain platform for rooms with an open date and a guarantee for its activation for up to five years

same price for traveler, 5 years to use or resell

A traveller on GuestChain buys an NFT certificate with cryptocurrency or traditional currencies. They can use it for five years or resell it on the platform at any price

The owner receive money immediately

The owner gets paid right away, which helps them plan their business growth and manage finances even during slow periods

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On GuestChain everyone will reap benefits:

Travellers will save on marketplaces commission to platforms reaching 30%
Users, including crypto investors, can earn on the difference in cost and volatility depending on the season
Owners or hoteliers are able to influence sales in the off-season and receive payment immediately, and not at the time of the guest's check-in
Owners will gain access to extra liquidity to improve the rentals and quality of services, saves on bank loans interest and invest in new properties
The hospitality industry is becoming more appealing to investors and the B2B sector, especially those dealing with rental housing resale. This allows better financial control even during periods of low demand

GuestChain Features


Complete functionality for owners to issue NFT certificates for bookings
A marketplace for purchasing NFT certificates with crypto currencies and activating them
Reservation of rooms for accommodation
Payments in traditional currencies

*Comming soon

P2P Trading

Our platform make it simple for users to trade travel certificates directly with each other through peer-to-peer section
Buyers and sellers can freely set their prices and conditions, creating opportunities for profit
We guarantee secure and transparent transactions for peace of mind

GCH Token

Limited in supply, traded on exchanges multi-chain EVM token (BEP-20, ERC-20, MATIC)
Travellers can book stays with GCH and receive rewards
Long-term staking will lead to higher membership status
Governance/Voting Rights on the GuestChain platform development

Turnkey business rentals*

The capability to attract investment volume by providing long-term rental of a part of the business
Automatic tools and assistance in creation of a management company
We organise and oversee the transaction process

*Comming soon

End-to-end advantages

travel booking industry
For tour operators, real estate agencies and other travel booking industry players
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Independent travellers
For independent travellers who do not wish to overpay
Crypto people
For those investing moderately in crypto and NFTs
For representatives of the traditional investment market and experts in digital economy

Connecting the best of the travel business and the blockchain world for hoteliers, owners and management companies

Thanks to the high level of security, transaction transparency, and elimination of high commission from the process, the room fund becomes not only a profitable offer for personal use, but also an attractive asset for investments.

GuestChain Team

Maxim Mironov

CEO, Co-founder
13 years of managing own business in the real economy (retail, logistics, b2b sales). Product Manager, 14 years of experience in banking.

Natalia Mironova

CBO, Co-founder
Project Manager, 19 years in banking. 11 years in business process development (banking, b2b sales, manufacturing, medical services).

Dr Pavel Vinitsky

Growth & Product Advisor
PhD. Serial entrepreneur, business visionary & product developer for 23 years. CEO of Synexis. MBA. Expertise in strategy, marketing, user experience.

Vasiliy Mirulev

10 years in digital marketing, advertising and scaling projects worldwide. Expert who can make your marketing strategy. Meta-cerified.

Polina Ivkina

Developer Team Manager
Project Manager with over 3 years of expertise in blockchain development. Under Polina`s competent supervision, more than 10 various NFTs projects were developed.

Nino Rokhvadze

Legal Advisor
Lawyer with 11 years of experience. Founded the law firm Rokhvadze&Partners in 2018. At the moment, they have partners in more than 70 countries.


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H2 2023

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Q1 2024

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Active PR & Media

Q2 2024

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