Hoteliers and room owners can earn more and get paid quicker.

Thanks to the use of blockchain and NFT technologies, we've created an evolutionary marketplace. GuestChain is a ready-made solution designed to foster your business growth and enhance customer comfort.

Why it is time to change?

We've closely analysed the current state of the travel bookings market and have a clear understanding of the common challenges many businesses face
74% of the world's room supply is controlled by just a few major marketplaces, allowing them to set high commissions and control the actual timing of payment to hoteliers
At GuestChain, we firmly disagree with the notion that your business development revenue should be subject to seasonality, and that guests shouldoverpay up to 30% of the actual cost that you set

Unlikely any booking platform you’ve used before

New acquisition channel for modern customers
A new channel for attracting customers, based on innovative concept and dynamic strategy of GuestChain, aimed at enhancing guest comfort and possibilities and providing more opportunities for growth
New corporate and investors audiences
We attract a new audience: businesses focused on room fund resale, crypto users, and investors who see room funds as a liquid asset
Instant Payments Credit
Funds from customer payments are instantly available in your account for withdrawal in cryptocurrency or conversion to US dollars
Yearly income instability
We solve the problem of unstable income throughout the year, thanks to an audience that considers the offer for subsequent resale, holding the certificates as an investment assets, or planning their trip in advance

Automation and protection of your interests

When placing your offer on the GuestChain platform, an NFT booking certificate is automatically issued with

Fixed number of nights (one by default or more)

A certain comfort class of the room/property

Open activation date of up to 5 years

Funds are instantly credited to your account

Activation occurs when the user selects specific dates

Users can resell it within the platform, setting their price

The opportunities from the p2p reselling mechanics

Until the user has activated their certificate, they can resell it within the platform, setting the price at their discretion

This makes your off-season offer attractive for investment and provides you with the opportunity to control financing during this period and not postpone business development plans

We have anticipated the situation of increased demand for activation in a short period. To avoid such situations, the user will not be able to activate their certificate within 30 days from the current date at the time of booking

The terms for concluding a contract are formed individually after the first conversation with a representative of our company.

Attract large investments to your retail development

We take our partners' feedback very seriously and have already started to create features that allow businesses to lease part or all of their operations for a certain period. This helps attract significant investments

If you're interested in this feature, please submit a request and we'll get in touch with you shortly

I would like to know more

Become an early investor

If you're interested in our project and want to be an early investor in tokens or equity, please leave your contact information, and we will provide you with more detailed information and arrange a meeting